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Surface Ink Vertical Wallprinting


Transform Your Space with the Power of Vertical Printing.

Headquartered in Springfield, OR


With Vertical Printing

There are no more boundaries. Print anything from simple colors to complex designs, flat drywall to heavily textured surfaces, wood, paint, metal, brick and beyond - you're no longer limited to what types of designs you can incorporate in your space.

The future of interior design begins with wallprinting.

Vertical Printing is an exciting new technology for printing on walls. A printer is using UV ink to print a picture of a scenic Oregon landscape onto a wall.

What is Vertical Printing?

Think about printing a high quality print on a piece of paper. It's just like that, except we're printing on your wall. We use a powerful, cutting-edge printer custom-made in Germany that can print up to 17 feet high and virtually infinite length. 

Up to
1200 dpi

Wallprinting Vs Vinyl

We get asked, "What makes this different than vinyl applications or custom wallpaper?" Quite a lot, actually.
the Wallpen vertical printer is on the ground with its wallprinting picture
Complex Designs
The ability to incorporate complicated shapes, patterns, drop shadows, gradients, artwork, and photos directly into the design without limitations.
Same Day Service
Designs can be made or finalized on-site before printing, offering total flexibility with no advanced preparations needed.
Textured Surfaces
The print will adhere to any surface regardless of the underlying texture, from stucco to brick.
Damage - Proof
Direct impacts to the print surface will not cause tears in the print that will slowly unravel over time.
Seamless Prints
No seams or sections of vinyl material need to be combined to cover a large surface.
Edge-To-Edge printing
Cover 100% of the surface area from corner to corner. Our printer requires up to an 18" margin from corners.
No Adhesives
Prints directly on the surface, no smelly and surface-damaging adhesives needed!
Easy Removal & cleaning
One coat of primer and one coat of paint will completely hide the print, no special treatment required. Easily cleaned with common and industrial cleaners without damaging the print.
Environmentally Friendly
No wasteful transfer papers, chemical adhesives, or large transport trucks required. Less than 0.4mL per sq ft of ink is used, and ink is vegan and free from solvents and thinners.

How do we do our vertical printing?

the xicha brewing logo design being printed on a restaurant wall using the Surface Ink Vertical Printer, pionnering wallprinting in the pacific northwest



We measure your printing space to determine the canvas size available and identify any obstacles such as switches or plugs


Graphics, logos, text, pictures? It's all possible. We design the perfect print for your space or utilize your existing designs.


We bring our cutting-edge wallprinter onsite and put ink to surface. Our ink cures immediately, so there's no need for drying time.


Your space will never be the same again. Get ready for the compliments!


See how Vertical Printing can transform your space

Ready to bring life to your walls or work on a special project? Our team of vertical printing experts can assist you with everything you need to revamp your space. Schedule a free consultation with us to begin.
a landscape of mountains with a frame shows the possibilities to transform a space using vertical printing
We bring the printer, you bring the wall. Service includes simple wall cleaning and all printing.
a bucket of dripping paint with a paint bucket showcasing how surface ink can prepare any surface for vibrant prints
Is your wall not a good fit for printing? We can prep and paint your wall with high-quality printing paint for the best results.
a computer with design software showcases how surface ink can provide design services to our clients in eugene and springfield oregon
Our team of artists and designers can create anything you want based on your vision.
a pencil and lightbulb indicates how surface ink can provide unique project consultations for any kind of vertical printing
Want to paint on special surfaces like wood, metal, glass, plastic, or more? We can accommodate all kinds of unique projects!
We've made pricing a breeze! Our costs are based on the size of the print and the desired print quality, not on the complexity of the design. Print anything you want at the quality you desire.
$20 / ft2
150 DPI
Great for large murals, distant prints, or low-detail graphics.
Print on a Budget
$18 / ft2
At 150 DPI (dots per inch) we saturate the surface with less ink. If you're covering a large surface or print quality isn't as important, this is the perfect choice for you. Final prints will include soft lines from print head overlap that become invisible a few feet away from the print surface.
$25 / ft2
600 DPI
A perfect blend of quality and price, great for just about any design.
Unparalleled Printing
$24 / ft2
Find the sweet spot with our 600DPI package. The printer lays down 4x the ink coverage of our 150DPI prints, making colors more vibrant and contrasty and reducing horizontal banding. An excellent choice for logos, photos, vector graphics, branding, and text.
$35 / ft2
1200 DPI
Printing excellence, now available for any surface.
Printing Perfection
$35 / ft2
If you strive for excellence, this is the package for you. With over 8 times the ink coverage of our 150dpi package, these prints will astound you with their vibrancy, detail, and color reproduction. If you want to print on a custom surface like metal, brick, wood, or more, this package is for you.
All prints require a $1500 minimum.
Design services are billed separately, starting at $75/hr.
Painting and preparation services are billed separately on a case-by-case basis.

Do you work for a school or youth-focused non-profit? Talk to us about our special discount pricing.
Want to get a quick estimate? Try our print estimator using the button below:

Desired Print Height


Desired Print Width


Print Quality

Estimated Print Cost:



Joel and the Surface Ink team transformed our factory space. The prints have been a beautiful way to reinforce our brand to employees and customers alike. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Sam Snyder
VP, General Manager at Northern Gold Foods
Frequently Asked Questions
Why not just use vinyl?
Vinyl printing has notable drawbacks including difficulty adhering to textured surfaces, susceptibility to damage, and fading due to moisture and sunlight. It's costly, environmentally unfriendly, and challenging to remove without damaging underlying paint.

Conversely, wallprinting can be applied to any textured surface, is damage-resistant, and not affected by environmental conditions. It's cost-effective, eco-friendly, and easy to remove with two coats of paint or primer.
How much ink does it use? How long does it take to dry?
Unlike vinyl printing, which uses a lot of ink in order to saturate into the plastic makeup of the vinyl material, our special UV-ink - custom-made in Germany - is more like a very fine spray that gets cured with powerful UV lights directly the surface of the wall (or whatever we are printing on). Because we only need a thin outer coating and not a full-saturation print, our printer can move quickly and efficiently spray ink onto the surface with minimal waste.

We use less than a 0.4mL average of ink per square foot. For reference, a can of soda contains 355ml of soda. So we could cover over 887 square feet of space using the ink contained in a can of Pepsi! That’s pretty wild.

For drying time, our special UV-ink is cured with powerful UV lights mounted on the print head. It's almost completely dry as soon as it is printed! With our 1200 DPI package, the print surface might be a little tacky up to 1 hour after printing, but the ink will not come off the wall if you touch it. In essence, no drying time is needed at all!
Do you only print on walls? What about curved surfaces?
Due to the nature of our printer, we can only print on surfaces that are vertically-oriented. This isn't the downside that you might think, as most objects can be oriented vertically using a special mount that we have developed. We can print on doors, tables, canvases, sheet metal, fabrics, even glass! As long as the surface can be oriented vertically during printing (usually by hanging it up at our workshop), it can be returned to any orientation afterwards.

Curved surfaces are unfortunately not possible for us to print on. Due to the nature of the printer itself, we cannot print on objects, items, or walls with a significant curve or grade. We recommend walls with less than 1 degree of +/- tilt in order for us to print on it.
Can you print on colored walls?

Generally speaking, the best type of wall to print on would be a white or mostly-white/light grey wall. Think about your home printer - if you try to print a picture on a piece of dark blue paper you won't see much! If your surfaces aren't a good match for printing because they are a darker color, we can paint your walls with our high-gloss paint perfect for wallprinting, for an additional cost.

What if my wall has obstacles (plugs, switches, pillars, etc)?

Each wall is unique, and the specific layout of your wall and any obstacles in the way - such as light switches, plugs, internet jacks, electrical panels, cracks or damage, windows, etc. will all take a unique approach.

Generally speaking, we can either design around the obstacles on the wall, or if we have access to your space's electrical box, we will shut off power and safely remove the switches and outlets, taping over the holes to make a uniform approach. Or, if your building has a maintenance crew, then we would request their help to temporarily remove those obstacles if they are available.

If we cannot safely remove any obstacles, then we will be required to design around them, such as decreasing the print size or breaking the design up into separate pieces.

Can you print edge-to-edge or corner-to-corner?
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the printer and the offset of the robotic wheels and track from the print head, we cannot print edge-to-edge or guarantee full coverage of a wall surface. In this case, a traditional vinyl or wallpaper setup would be more beneficial if you are looking for pure edge-to-edge coverage.

However, our printer excels at doing things that vinyl and wallpaper cannot do, such as complex designs and even printing drop shadows with gradient fills onto the surface. Our clients will tell you that edge-to-edge printing isn't all its cracked up to be when compared to the power of wallprinting. All the designs we like to print emphasize the power of our printer, up to the maximum printable area.
What's the maximum size print you can do? What kind of margins does your printer have?
Our printer tower can extend up to 17 feet high, though for highest stability and quality of printing, we try to limit our prints to no higher than 12-14ft. Because of our unique track system, we can print virtually infinite length, so a 50 foot long continuous print is no problem for our printer! As long as there are no significant objects in the way, in which case we'd break up the print into sections to avoid any major obstacles.

Our vertical print margins start at about 13 inches from the floor, up to 13 inches from a ceiling or the maximum tower extension, whichever comes first.

For horizontal margins, if we are printing from one wall to another wall, we usually recommend a minimum 20 inch margin from each wall corner in order to safely print. If there are no corners (such as printing in an open hallway) or only a single corner (starting or ending near a wall) then there are only 3 inch margins needed for the print.

To download a diagram of our print margins, click the link below.
Are the prints damage resistant?
Yes! Our prints are completely damage resistant. Unlike Vinyl, which is a layer of plastic that gets adhered to the wall and will start to peel away from any nicks, cuts, or dings that get put into the surface of the wrap, our special UV ink is cured directly onto the surface of the wall. Any damage to the wall does not degrade the quality of the print whatsoever, and results in no lasting damage to the overall print. No peeling, warping, or bubbles!

The wallprinting process does not prevent damage from occurring on your wall, any significant damage to the surface of the wall will transfer to the print. But this damage will not compromise the integrity of the rest of the printed surface.
How easy is it to clean the surface of my prints? Can I use cleaners and solvents?
The UV ink cures on the surface of the wall (or whatever object we are printing on) and hardens, giving it a very strong resiliency. You can use anything from wet wipes, isopropyl alcohol, Simple Green, soap and water, sprays, and other industrial cleaning products directly on the surface of the print itself.

Click the button below to watch a video in our showroom where we use common cleaners on a fresh print with no damage to the print itself!
How long does it take to print?
Our process is incredibly quick, with same-day printing services available. We've started our design work, visited the printing site, done our measurements, set up the printer, printed the design, and packed up in just a few hours!

Depending on the DPI package selected, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours per 50 sq feet. We did a 12ft by 15ft print in around 5 hours. In short, it's very fast and efficient!
What do I need to do to get started?
Simply contact us via the button below (or any of the other big red buttons!) and we will be in touch to either come visit your printing location for a free evaluation, or invite you to our showroom where you can see different prints to inspire your imagination.
The forests of Oregon are our home. That's why we pledge to be a sustainable, eco-friendly business.
Our ink is certified solvent-free, is 100% vegan, and made with care in Germany where environmental protections are rigorous.

When you pay your invoice through Stripe, we donate 1% of all our revenue to fight climate change.